The domain of marketing will, with rare exceptions, include at a minimum the following functions. These are the activities that need to take place to create exchanges that satisfy consumer and organizational goals. While there is no universal agreement on the exact designation of these activities, there is general agreement on the following as […]

The concept of a “performance” advertiser encompasses many subcategories of advertisers, but they all share a common theme: they are only interested in paying for provable results. They have no interest in paying extra for nebulous “branding” effects, and are likely to make purchasing decisions based on who is able to deliver the highest “conversion […]

Australia’s multi-cultural society presents challenges and opportunities for marketers. This paper presents a framework for analysing multicultural marketing in terms of the interrelations among three types of factors i.e. the multicultural marketplace in Australia, international markets and the multi-cultural resources that exist in Australia. We argue that Australia’s cultural diversity, as well as that of […]

  Brand advertising is about communicating a complex range of messages about products, services, and identity to consumers[i]. Through these messages, advertisers hope to form an identity that finds common ground with consumers. If consumers are able to identify with the key values a brand represents, they are much more likely to develop a sense […]