A company’s advertising plan in Hervey Bay , Australia is part of the larger marketing and business plan Hervey Bay , Australia. Often, advertising directors or managers will need to write several versions of the advertising plan in Hervey Bay , Australia–one each for their marketing, business and advertising plans. Whatever the case, the advertising plan is usually written for the coming year. It should include every aspect of your advertising, including where you will advertise and how frequently in Hervey Bay , Australia. Also, get other managers’ input before finalizing your advertising plan. Target Audience in Hervey Bay , Australia. Select a target audience as part of your advertising plan in Hervey Bay , Australia. Your target audience will be the types of consumers or business customers to whom you advertise. These customers can be defined by specific demographic groups like age or income or buying behavior, such as late-night eaters. Your target audience may also be identified by certain lifestyles. For example, target health-conscious individuals or people who exercise regularly if you sell protein shakes or bars. You cannot have a successful advertising campaign without properly identifying your target audience, those who are most likely to purchase your product in Hervey Bay , Australia. Advertising Message in Hervey Bay , Australia Your advertising message is also a key element of your advertising plan. Always select the right message, according to Entrepreneur.com. For example, if you are selling vacations, for example, create a message that allows people to envision themselves “tanning on a Florida beach” or “enjoying martinis poolside at night with the balmy ocean breeze caressing their hair.” Stress benefits before features in your advertising message. Benefits are what people seek in products or services, such as losing weight, more energy or an increase in confidence in Hervey Bay , Australia. Features are aspects of your products like colors, sizes and flavors. Your advertising budget in Hervey Bay , Australia is a component of the revenue projections in your marketing plan. You can figure your budget one of two ways. The first is to set a flat rate for your advertising and apply that flat rate as an expense against revenue. While this makes it easier to establish the advertising budget number, it may not generate a number that will get you the results you are looking for. The second way is to establish a budget as a percentage of the projected revenue. The percentage comes from data gathered in previous advertising campaigns. For example, if your experience with your particular target market shows you that an advertising budget based on 10 percent of projected revenue will get you the results you are looking for, then that is the percentage you will use. Budget Allocation in Hervey Bay , Australia The budget number is a broad figure that you will use to meet your sales goals. Once you have the number, you then need to allocate it to the various elements of your budget. Some of the areas that need funding are personnel, office overhead and advertising mediums. Within advertising mediums there are newspaper, magazine, brochures, radio, television, billboards and Internet. Determining how to allocate funds depends on the market research data regarding your target audience. If your target audience prefers to get information from the Internet and television, then you will have to allocate the majority of the funds to those areas in Hervey Bay , Australia. Print Advertising in Hervey Bay , Australia Traditional print advertising to disseminate information to the customer takes many forms. Print advertising with high visual impact can be found in glossy, full-color magazines and in newspapers. Brochures and product catalogs are other forms of advertising. Companies may publish a newsletter with interesting articles and facts related to their products to establish the firm as an expert in the field. When using direct-mail advertising, businesses buy targeted lists with the names and addresses of potential customers who may be interested in buying their products. The lists can be used to mail postcards with print advertisements directly to a customer’s home. Banners, posters and in-store displays are other effective forms of print advertising. The Internet and Other Advertising Tools in Hervey Bay , Australia A wide range of advertising outlets have appeared on the Internet, and companies have been quick to take advantage of the possibilities. Businesses place advertising on websites, sometimes in the form of pop-ups, and they send advertising messages directly to consumers via email. Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are Internet formats that enable companies to get the word out about their products and services and keep the company name in front of the customer. Other kinds of advertising include billboards, radio and TV advertising, and product placement in films and TV shows in Hervey Bay , Australia. Generate Awareness in Hervey Bay , Australia It is important to use advertising media strategically and effectively to achieve awareness of the promotion and gain a Return on Investment (ROI). For example, a newly opened fitness club in a downtown area might develop a promotional campaign to target downtown office workers. The fitness club could strategically purchase radio advertising time to air commercials during morning and evening commute hours (also referred to as “drive time”), to reach the target audience as they listen to the radio while driving to and from work. The club could then track new members and revenue gained as a result of airing the radio commercials in Hervey Bay , Australia. Drive Traffic in Hervey Bay , Australia Marketers and advertisers in Hervey Bay , Australia often set a goal to “drive traffic” during a promotion. This term can encompass driving traffic to all stores in a chain, specific retail locations or perhaps a website. A tax preparation software company might place a banner ad on the website for an office supply store. The banner ad could promote a discount or free use of the program for a limited time. When people click on the banner ad they are driven (or redirected) to the website for the software company to get the free trial or purchase the software during the promotional period in Hervey Bay , Australia.