Leading source of traffic when posting books classified ads & classifieds with aussie advertising Do you know where the most users come from? How much traffic (share) does the most important channel provide you with? The more dependent your website is from a specific traffic source the more risky it’s for your business – in particular the e-commerce one. It’s no mystery that the market leaders are usually sites with the biggest audience. In classifieds “the biggest” usually means “generating most of the content & revenues”. Now imagine what would happen if you suddenly lose this traffic – a big drop in visits, placed ads and revenues. To avoid such a disaster keep a healthy ratio of several traffic sources so that none of them will kill your business. One-time vs returning visitors when posting books classified ads & classifieds Loyalty of people is extremely important in the era of communities. During the hard times they sell houses and cars of look for a job more frequently not to mention all other goods that are sold on even more regular basis. If you have a relatively small community of loyal users or it is going down every month, you probably face the problem of lack of content and its quality. Unless you are unquestionable leader in your area or niche a small group of newcomers may mean you are not reaching new target groups and your business isn’t growing. Average number of page views per ad details page It’s probably one of the most uncomfortable questions, but from the seller’s point of view it’s obviously one of the most important to ask – it’s about a real value of the classified site. There are few others worth considering: How many pages impressions were done on my item I want to sell? How many people were interested in my offer? Finally, do I pay the right price for an exposure at this portal? Is it worth buying a premium listing there? The conclusion is obvious – the more page impressions the better while it increases the chances of a completing a transaction for both sides. Traffic sources for ad details pages If you want to make deeper analysis on quality and quantity of traffic coming to ad details pages I suggest to investigate which channels generate the most impressions of ad details. While search engines should play a major role in direct access to ads due to the characteristics of the “Long Tail”, indirect access (e.g. through category listings) may be driven by lots of other channels. Having no direct visits on ad details pages raises the question of SEO friendliness level and if you have a relatively small number of other ad impressions it may rise the question of website usability or relevant content presentation. Tips for writing your ad when posting free books classified ads & classifieds : Use Keywords in your ad. When writing your classified line ad, start with the item or service you provide first. This will be a keyword. People who are looking for a particular item will find it more easily if the keyword is set in a bolder type face. Be descriptive. Provide information, Avoid abbreviations… don’t try to save on words. Be descriptive. If someone is interested in purchasing your item or service they want all the information they can get. Be creative. Interesting ads work better than lists. Make your ad interesting to read. Sell what your item or service does, not what it is. Describe the benefits that your customer will receive from your item or service. Be creative and make your ad fun to read. Product, presentation, market & timing: Consider the market for your item or service. Are you more likely to find a buyer in a metropolitan or a rural setting? Is the price of your item or service commensurate with the economic demographics of the area? What about the time of year? It may be difficult to sell your bicycle in January or your snow blower in July. Think locally but reach as far as you can: People like to shop locally. Write your ad as if you were speaking to your next door neighbor. Use our zones to target the geography you want to cover, and make that area as large as you possibly can. If you are in the service industry always give yourself the right of refusal.