Virtual communities present an excellent opportunity for marketers to exploit the “network externalities’ effect. The key to promotion on the virtual community is the critical mass of members that can be reached. Marketers start by building a loyal constituency of consumers through advertisement on discussion forums, sponsorship of discussions, providing links to experts in specific […]

The virtual community is primarily a forum for members to freely exchange information, but it also provides commercial benefits to the members and the sponsors. It is important for the sponsor and other participating vendors to understand the characteristics of virtual communities to effectively exploit the potential of these communities. Some of the characteristics are […]

Types Of Internet Advertisements An Internet advertisement is typically placed on the Web page of a Web site. (Novak et al., 1996) classify Web advertisement sites into three major categories: (1) sponsored content site such as Hotwired and ZD Net, (2) sponsored search agents and directories such as Yahoo!, Excite and InfoSeek, and (3) entry […]

  As the Internet was transformed in the 80s from a “research only network” to allow commercial activities, organizations realized that the sheer number of users connected to the network and the very low cost of reaching out to them, made the Internet an attractive medium for advertising. Almost all media planners now consider the […]

  The domain of marketing will, with rare exceptions, include at a minimum the following functions. These are the activities that need to take place to create exchanges that satisfy consumer and organizational goals. While there is no universal agreement on the exact designation of these activities, there is general agreement on the following as […]

The concept of a “performance” advertiser encompasses many subcategories of advertisers, but they all share a common theme: they are only interested in paying for provable results. They have no interest in paying extra for nebulous “branding” effects, and are likely to make purchasing decisions based on who is able to deliver the highest “conversion […]